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Valsamakis Ceramics

We offer wonderful and unique solutions to those looking for an impressive gift. Our ceramics can decorate your walls, entrances, fire places or even tables. And, of course, they can be a very useful help to interior designers and architects.

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Monday - Saturday : 10:00am - 20:00pm Kifisias Ave. 85, Marousi, Greece (+30) 2106198644 [email protected]


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Where it all began. Each and every piece of our handmade ceramic tiles and plates. The showroom is filled with our craft and design ideas throughout the years.

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We believe that our beautiful collection should be available for every home. Shop your favorite handmade ceramic item online by adding each item to your online shopping basket.

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Our guests will have the opportunity to design and decorate their own art tile in one of the most critically acclaimed workshops in the world.

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Follow our Blog news to be ahead of the the most recent updates and upcoming events. Learn more about Panos Valsamakis and his work.

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