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Valsamakis Ceramics

We offer wonderful and unique solutions to those looking for an impressive gift. Our ceramics can decorate your walls, entrances, fire places or even tables. And, of course, they can be a very useful help to interior designers and architects.

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Gallerie Zygos, Athens 1982

Valsamakis: a milestone for contemporary Greek ceramics.
Without hesitation, it can be asserted that we now have noteworthy ceramic art in our country. There are gifted and mature craftsmen and creative artists who are important from every point of view. Famous workshops have been established and distinguished individuals have appeared, new craftsmen struggling to express the problems of our world but with the older generation as their teachers. One of this circle of masters in ceramics and almost literally its “father” is without doubt Panos Valsamakis. This artist gives us in his work the starting point of contemporary Greek ceramic art, which has nothing to fear from any comparison with that of other lands.
…In the earliest known works of Valsamakis — fireproof tiles and decorative plates, cups, jugs, and a variety of vessels — his doubts and hesitations can easily be recognized. The basic characteristics of his works, in general, are tendencies to realism and a narrative mood, anecdotal elements and decorative richness, an idyllic atmosphere and an emphasis mainly on a painter’s use of color.”
Chrysanthos Christou (1922-2016), Professor of History of Art, University of Bonn and Athens University; Member, Academy of Athens, οn Panos Valsamakis.

“Remembrance”, 68×84 cm, 1978
“The Walls of Troy”, 138×115 cm, 1979

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